Dr O’Shea entered the world of Optometry in not your conventional way. She was never taken for yearly check-ups as a child as she has always had 20/20 vision, she does not have any optometrists in her family, and in fact she is the first in her immediate family to even pursue higher education. Dr. O’Shea decided on optometry during her first year in undergraduate due to a family tragedy. Her 11-year-old cousin, who she was always able to care for, give medicine to when her mother couldn’t get her to take it, got accidentally stabbed in the eye with a scissor by a classmate during a class project. Her cousin suffered a retinal detachment, and subsequently lost the entire vision in her left eye. Dr. O’Shea felt helpless, walked into the library at her college and opened the big book of occupations, turned to ophthalmology and thought “surgery! oh, no!” Then, on the very next page, a very unfamiliar occupation entitled optometry caught her eye, and the rest is history.

After completing a bachelor of science, with a minor in economics, at Binghamton University, and then completing her doctorate of optometry at the New England College of Optometry, Dr. O’Shea went on to complete a residency in ocular disease at the V.A. Boston-West Roxbury.

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